When You Need Innovative Solutions

The comprehensive range of pipe and cable installation solutions Murphy Pipe & Civil offers clients, have been the result of  major investment in research, development and advancement of existing Spiderplow technology.

Our company’s modern fleet of Spiderplows and winches are like no other. The incorporation of a customised ripper blade, pipe insertion chute and `over-the-cab’ installation systems mean our Spiderplows can accommodate HDPE pipes ranging from 4” right through to 24”.

Murphy Pipe & Civil's purpose-built fleet is also capable of combined installation of power and fibre optic cabling, tracer tape and other services – often in one cost-saving pass.

Our fleet’s in-field effectiveness is reinforced by proven results gained through the installation of more than 3200 miles of HDPE pipe and cable.  With Murphy Pipe & Civil you can be confident that your project will be delivered in the most cost-efficient manner, using the latest installation methods available.


Experience You Can Count On

When you engage Murphy Pipe and Civil you benefit from a team with more than 20 years of global plowing experience.

Our team has been responsible for the introduction of major technological advances in plowing, and has played key roles in some of the largest HDPE pipeline networks ever developed.

Whether it’s in tough terrain, remote locations or just requires some innovative, `out of the trench’ thinking – our team can deliver the positive outcome you need.


Increased Safety, Greener Footprint, Quality Outcomes

Our innovative installation methods are proven in the field and the results have been recognised internationally for their positive outcomes across key project areas such as safety, environment, quality and efficiency.

Safety - the ground level pipe loading system eliminates manual handling and the innovative ripper blade reduces the need for open trench.

Environment – Spiderplows can operate in construction corridors of 32ft, therefore requiring less ground rehabilitation; and subterranean soils are not affected by the plowing process.

Quality – enhanced handling and insertion methods deliver optimum pipeline and cable integrity.

Efficiency – the modified Spiderplow recently won the United Kingdom’s Pipeline Industry Guild Innovation Award in recognition of significant installation efficiencies, compared to conventional methods.  

Backed By Solid Support

Murphy Pipe & Civil has forged a strong relationship with Walter Fockerpserger, the German manufacturer of the Spiderplow. Together, Murphy Pipe & Civil and Walter Fockersperger, have formed a unique and innovative development partnership to deliver the most efficient HDPE pipe and cable installation methods in the world.

Murphy Pipe & Civil also has international ties with Australia’s Murphy Pipe and Civil, which has the largest fleet of Spiderplows and winch crawlers in the world, and is responsible for the construction of the largest HDPE coal seam gas pipeline network in Australia.


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