Innovative Solutions

Australian Fusion Welding, a subsidiary of the Murphy Pipe and Civil Group, has developed, and possesses extensive experience in, the delivery of innovative fusion welding services.

Our company’s unique welding solutions have been tailored and packaged in a way no other welding company has ever conceived before, thus providing clients with a leading edge.

Personnel and Onsite Support

Australian Fusion Welding has developed a team of fully-trained, experienced and competent managers and supervisors who can deliver on client commitments.

The company’s core management team is supported by highly-trained administration staff that can analyse data acquired through McElroy DataLoggers® and understand the concepts and processes used in Thermoplastic Fusion.

Our skilled team of data analysts provide invaluable information on fusion welding operations resulting in better outcomes for our clients.

We are able to provide our clients with the same superior service on-site through our experienced team of fitters and electricians, who are fully-qualified through McElroy Technical Training and can maintain your equipment-related needs and provide you with total support whenever required.

Our Fleet Delivers

Possessing one of the largest fleets of Fast Fusion machines in the world, Australian Fusion Welding is able to complete fusion welds more efficiently through innovative cooling processes and pipe handling capabilities.

Coupled with our large fleet of McElroy machines, our superior analytical services and industry experience provides clients with total welding packages that deliver efficiency and a leading edge over competitors.

Our Fleet

  • 4 Fast Fusion MFT36
  • 26 Fast Fusion MFT20
  • 2 TracStar 900
  • 24 McElroy 618
  • 6 McElroy 412
  • 20 McElroy DynamC
  • 65 McElroy DataLogger® 4

Through the use of this leading-edge equipment Australian Fusion Welding can:

  • Fuse weld pipes from 63mm up to 900mm OD in all weather conditions
  • Electronically record and analyse all welding activity utilising McElroy DataLoggers® which enhance the quality assurance process.


Prefabrication Services Quality Polywelding Training Contact Us

Australian Fusion Welding has a full suite of products and services related to HDPE Prefabrication.

Our Dalby prefabrication facility is located in the epicenter of the Surat Basin’s upstream gathering operations and staffed with experienced poly welders and engineers who are focused on delivering quality products and services in short time frames.

An example of the products and services we can offer:

  • Transition/Reduction pieces: Allows for greater flexibility in using pipes of dissimilar wall thicknesses. Metal to poly transition pieces are used to connect the two systems to one another without a flange fitting.
  • Sweep Bends: Enables short radius turns with minimal pressure drop
  • Stub Flanges: Used to mechanically join sections of HDPE pipe
  • Junctions: Connection points that allow easy design and fitment of systems
  • Manifolds: Used as a central fixture to distribute one to many or connect many to one
  • Custom Fittings: White we can effectively manage common pipeline prefabrication tasks, the team also has the ability and skill to customize fittings to suit any application.

Australian Fusion Welding has developed a Total Welding System that captures key elements of the poly fusion process and then assembles and collates them into a cohesive measurement process.

Our Total Welding System incorporates information gathering through in-field observations and electronic data acquisition to provide a measurement dash board that can be used to monitor or take appropriate corrective action after fusion assessment.

These highly accurate processes and technologies are used by the most highly-trained personnel in the industry and deliver unparalleled results and quality.

These processes and technologies include:

McElroy DataLoggers®

  • Series 4 and Series 5
  • Trimble Nomad handheld devices

Fast Fusion Machines

  • MFT20
  • MFT36
  • McElroy TracStar® 900 Fusion Machines
  • McElroy TracStar® 618 Fusion Machines
  • McElroy TracStar® 412 Fusion Machines
  • McElroy DynaMc EP Fusion Machines
  • Georg Fischer Electrofusion Equipment

A core goal of Australian Fusion Welding is to instill in our team the values and competencies necessary to be an effective poly fusion welder.

To achieve this goal, we have developed and delivered some of the most comprehensive poly fusion welding training in the world.

The modules are designed and delivered by industry experts and educate our poly welding team on the theory of the fusion welding process and leads them through a program of practical exercises.

All of our poly welders must pass a rigorous written exam and a comprehensive practical test before being allowed to perform poly welding for Australian Fusion Welding.

The result of our training efforts is our poly welding team is qualified to use all of our fleet of poly fusion machines in a safe and highly productive manner, that delivers a quality fusion weld every time.


For innovative solutions to your fusion welding needs, contact Australian Fusion Welding on:

Phone        (07) 4669 7451



Address     18138 Warrego Highway, Dalby QLD 4405